Way back home

When I wake up
I remember you every morning

When I go grocery shopping
I want to hear your voice and try to remember
how rough it was and how I laughed

When the sun goes down
I look at the park and try to seek you
but there’s no one

When I fall asleep
I think about how you do me at night
because I feel like I could meet you in my dream after

I can’t come over here for a while
Maybe a few weeks
Maybe months
My counselor says
it’s not good for me to see you here

But I need my place
where I express myself
So I hope YOU could find me somewhere this time
I will always be there
if you remember my favorite flower
This is my home  
So I’ll see you again
when I find my way back home






  1. あああさんの新作は、この詩へのアンサーなのかな?

  2. 『Nothing Compares 2U』っぽさある


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